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Broken spring repair

Broken Spring Replacement

The torsion spring is an integral part of today’s garage door. It is a simple piece of mechanical hardware that uses a counterbalance assembly to offset the weight of the garage door. When the garage door is opened, the torsion springs unwind and the stored torque (energy) helps to lift the heavy garage door. As the door is closed, the torsion spring system winds up creating a storage of torque ready to be used when the door is opened again and the springs unwind. Each torsion spring is designed to last a certain amount of cycles with a cycle being one full opening and closing of the garage door or unwinding and winding of the spring. Once the spring reaches the designed life cycle, it could break. At this time, the torsion spring needs to be replaced by a professional garage door technician.

At ONYX Garage Doors, manufacturing the correct torsion spring for your garage door repair or replacement is our most important job. From everyday stock springs to custom replacements springs, ONYX offers the garage door spring that is right for your door to complete your job.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Take a look at the new smart garage door openers we install:


8160WB DC Battery Backup Chain Drive Wi-Fi

  • Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with the myQ® app.

  • DC motor provides smooth and quiet operation.

  • Industrial-strength chain drive.

  • Works with Amazon Key: Enables convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery.


Smart Opener with Dual LED Lighting and Battery Backup

  • Control, secure and monitor the garage with the myQ® app anytime, from anywhere.

  • Integrated LED lighting system brightens high traffic areas of the garage with 1500 lumens of light.

  • Battery backup lets you get in and out when the power is down.

  • Powerful chain drive for dependable, long-lasting performance.

  • Works with Amazon Key for for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries.


Secure View™ Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Camera, LED Corner to Corner Lighting™ and Battery Backup

  • Built-in camera adds video and 2-way audio communication to the myQ® app.

  • Control, secure and monitor the garage with the myQ app- anytime, from anywhere.

  • 360° light ring uniformly brightens every corner of the garage with 2,000 lumens of long-lasting LED light.

  • Battery backup lets you get in and out when the power is down.

  • Ultra-quiet DC motor and strong belt drive system ensures for comfortable living spaces near the garage.

  • Works with Amazon Key for for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries – watch deliveries happen in real-time.


Favorite 8500W
Wall Mount with WI-FI

Elite Series Model 8500 wall mount garage door opener with Wi-Fi for doors up to 14' high

  • For doors up to 14' high

  • Includes: 3-button remote (893MAX), Smart Control Panel (880LMW), Integrated Battery Backup (485LM)

  • MyQ® Technology now with Wi-Fi, enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener with a smartphone, tablet or laptop

  • Security+ 2.0® safeguards garage access with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener ensuring the door does not inadvertently open

  • PosiLock locks down the door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening

  • Timer-to-Close automatically closes the door after a pre-programmed number of minutes

  • Alert-2-Close Warning System provides audible and visual warnings when a garage door is about to close when using MyQ® Technology or Timer-to-Close

  • Motion Detector is integrated into the Smart Control Panel providing rapid detection and illumination of garage

  • California SB-969 compliant

Other Repair services:

 Rollers / wheels replacement

Roller Replacement

10 ball bearing wheels for smooth and quiet operation. We always have rollers in stock and always recommend taking advantage of us already being in your garage and go ahead with the replacement

Bottom weather rubber strip replacement

Bottom Rubber Seal Replacement

After years of use your original rubber seal may be flat and dry. replacing your old rubber strip will help prevent leaves dust and water sneaking into your garage

 Sensors replacement / repair

Safety Sensors / Eye Beams Replacement

Faulty sensors will not allow your door closing down. We carry Liftmaster and Genie replacement parts

Universal Remote / Clicker

Compatible with most garage door openers, at ONYX we offer long range and high-quality remote controls

Hinge repair

Broken Hinge Replacement

Broken hinges can prevent your door from opening properly and cause further damage. We have most types of hinges in stock just in case we need to replace them

Cable repair

Steel Cables Replacement

Old cables can get tangled and torn, a very dangerous situation. Onyx always has cables in stock for doors 7 feet high, 8 feet and up. Our cables are thick and strong and are an important safety improvement for your door

Drum / Pully Replacement

The most significant benefit of drum replacement is the creation of a new, flawless track for the cables - which significantly reduces the chances of garage door off-track

End Bearings Replacement

This part is responsible for the rotation of the rod that holds the springs and drums. In case of failure due to a damaged or old part the results may be serious and the whole door may get stuck and wobble. Onyx has the experience and knowledge to locate this problem and solve it for you

Garage Door Maintenance Package

Perform preventative maintenance and replacement parts at once in order to enjoy many years without worrying about the mechanical condition of your garage door, the most comprehensive solution in the industry at an unbeatable price! Onyx is here for you!



Cable repair




All-inclusive solution for all the moving parts in your door - we are the only ones in the industry that offer this service at a fixed and reasonable price!

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